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Grove News

  • Hummus Wars

    We make and sell Hummus at the Farmers Markets. Imagine our surprise when customers stopped to tell us about the SBS program called Make Hummus not War made by an Aussie film maker trying to track down where Hummus originated since the israelis, the Lebanese and the Palestinians say it is an integral part of their food culture.  Apparently it is mentioned in the old testament in the Bible so its been around for a long time.

  • Bald Hills Olive Oli gets around

    Lemon, Garlic, Wild Lime infused olive oils

    Fashionistas will be dipping into our Peppery Wild Lime infused olive oil at the Variety Club Childrens Fund raising fashion parade when King William St closes at Hyde Park on 17th October.  Meanwhile passengers on the Great Southern Rail are tasting the Lemon Infusion from this little part of the Adelaide Hills on their salads -perhaps when looking out their windows as they pass through Nairne.

  • Harvest 2014

    Harvest olives 2014 Sigma

    Three groves and lots of shaking and the harvesting is virtually over.  This year some fruit ripened early and was ready to drop, and  Read More

  • Fresh @ Howard Vineyard reflection

    Adelaide Hills Regional food event

    This event certainly exceeded every one’s expectations! The weather was warm; the venue gorgeous with its rolling green lawn and white table-clothed tables, and the selection of local food... Read More

  • Fresh @ Howard Vineyard on Sunday 13th April

    olives, chili, capers selection board

    Bald Hills Olive Grove is celebrating fresh and indulgent local food and drink at Howard Vineyard on Sunday 13th April from 12.00 pm – 5.00 pm.  In a market format stalls you can sample and buy;

    • Wines from Howard Vineyard, Jericho Wines, Top Note Wines Scott Wines,
    • Beers from Prancing Pony and Gulf Brewery,
    • Melba's Chocolates
    • Cheese from Woodside Cheesewrights
    • Gourmet sausages from Feast Fine Foods, and
    • Dips, oil and olives from Bald Hills Olive Grove

    It is a beautiful country setting with lots of room for kids to run and play too. The weather will be beautiful – but even if there were showers the old barn and sheltered terrace will protect us. 

    We will be there from 12.00 ‘til 5.00 pm. Take a glorious autumn drive and drop in! It is on the corner of Bald Hills Rd and the Old Princes Highway.

  • Interview with Anama

    Best olive oil, cask

    Anama was interviewed by Judith Peppard on Radio Adelaide talking about the use of casks for olive oil - and her love of extra virgin olive oil's health benefits. Click here to listen

  • Growing ripening olives

    extra virgin olives

    The fruit is plumping up with the 2014 harvest's oil!  I wonder what it will taste like after the heatwaves, followed by rain.  Each year the flavour is a little different; a real reflection of our connection with nature.  While the Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil always has that light texture and fresh taste with a spicy zing on the palate, the robustness of taste varies with the season.

    Similarly, different varieties of olives have different textures and flavours.  The flavour changes over time too.   It is affected by how the oil is cared for.  If light, heat and oxygen is kept away then it will retain its flavour and low free fatty acid state for much longer.  Put it in a clear bottle by the window and the flavour will soften or disappear quickly.  Left too long and the oil will become very ordinary pure olive oil.  The taste and nose will let you know how it changes.

  • Frantoio Olive Oil wins Award

    Olive oil award Bronze 2013.JPG

    Bald Hills Olive Grove was awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Olives SA & Royal Adelaide Show Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards on Thursday 24th October  for its 2014 Class 1 –Boutique Single Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a free fatty acid content of less than 0.8gms/ 100 gms, and a pleasing range of fresh flavours.  This award winning oil’s free fatty acid content was a low 0.2gms/ 100 gms and tastes fresh with a spicy finish.

    We are very pleased to find that our Frantoio variety is a consistent producer of quality Extra Virgin Olive oil. It is a great result for the  hard work and the support of our team.  We are pleased to be part of the Regional Food scene in the Adelaide Hills.

    When told about the Award, one of our market customers said, “Well the Judges give you bronze but your customers give you gold!”

  • extra virgin olive oil

    2013 Season Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    It is always an exciting time when the new season's oil arrives from the processor, bright green or golden and still with a little fruit suspended in it.  Commonly called 'cold pressed' the fruit has been washed and literally put through the (hammer) mill to turn it to pulp. The pulp is turned in  the molaxer until the little droplets of oil gather on the surface.  This top quality oil is then spun off through a centrifuge and placed in tanks.  Most of it sits for about 6 weeks to allow the particles of fruit to drift to the bottom and then is bottled.  However this year we are bottling some of the slightly cloudy oil as this is the closest to first press that you can get.

    Oil this year comes from 3 groves which have similar varieties of olive trees.  Some were irrigated; other weren't.  The location, soil and irrigation makes for different flavours.

  • Map Adelaide hills

    Finding our products

    You could plan a touring trip around the different locations that sell or use our products You can be sure that they appreciate our style and values and that we are local. The most direct way is to call us or call in -or shop online. However some oil has slipped across the border into Victoria - following the route of friends and our other interests. For instance the Taoist Tai Chi Society Branches in each State can order boxes of 750ml bottles as fund raisers.  So if  you know someone indulging in this health giving practice they could get a bottle for you.